Montserrat College of Art is hosting the 5th annual North Shore Game Jam in conjunction with the Global Game Jam

      Friday January 31 – Sunday February 2, 2020

What is Global Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam is the premiere annual game creation event, fostering the development of innovative game concepts and promoting international collaboration and teamwork. The GGJ brings together thousands of game development enthusiasts participating in hundreds of local jams around the world in a single weekend. The GGJ has proven itself to be an incubator for creative experiments and a generator of new collaborations often resulting in successful published games.

When and where is the North Shore Game Jam?

The event will take place starting at 5pm on Friday January 31st through 8pm Sunday February 2020, in the Hardie Building on the Montserrat College of Art Campus, 23 Essex Street, Beverly, MA. This event is co-sponsored by Montserrat College of Art and Salem State University. You don’t need to be affiliated with either organization to participate.

Do I need know how to program or to have participated in a game jam before?

All level of game developers are welcome from the merely curious to the very experienced.  We will be working with and encourage both analog (board and card games) to digital (2D and 3D Video games) game development. We welcome programmers but other skills are essential like writing, art and asset creation, animation, sound, level design and project management. You just need to be willing to work collaboratively and be a team player. Game Jam teams need a mix of people with various backgrounds and experience. You can come to the Jam with a team in place or join in on the team forming process on Friday night.

How much does it cost?

The North Shore Game Jam is free to participate in. We will however accept donations for food, coffee and snacks! 

Can kids come?

Jammers under 18 are welcome to participate but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

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